Maurelle Calligraphy Workshop is coming to Winks ….
Saturday February 25, 2017 1- 4:30pm (SOLD OUT)

Maurelle is truly an expert at Calligraphy and we are so fortunate to have her as a guest artist at Winks.

Her workshop makes a beautiful Valentine’s Day gift.

About Maurelle :

Maurelle is a professional calligrapher based in Vancouver, BC who is trained both in traditional script and modern calligraphy. With half a decade of experience and hundreds of students taught she is equipped with the proper knowledge and experience on how to properly guide individuals who would like to learn the art of pointed pen calligraphy, she fervently teaches numerous workshops around Metro Vancouver.

This 3-hour comprehensive workshop Focusing on modern calligraphy, we will cover the fundamentals that is loosely based on traditional copperplate style script where you use a sharp pointed nib rather than the flat nib used in most calligraphic writing. You will also learn important techniques on how to form letters by mastering strokes, write the lower-case alphabet, the proper use of calligraphy tools and equipment, and tips and tricks on how to hone your skills.
This is a perfect workshop for those with little, or no, experience in using a pointed pen.


  • 1 straight pen holder
  • 3 different pointed nibs
  • a calligraphy worksheet
  • a jar of archival ink
  • a locally handcrafted inkwell
  • an instructional manual
  • a lower case and uppercase exemplar

Duration: 3.5 hours ( 3 hours workshop and 30 minutes break time)

Light refreshments will be served

Workshop Price: $165